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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 45

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, October 31st 2008 )

Hello all, and welcome to this RATHER SPOOKY edition of the newsletter. Let's GO!


This month I shall be playing the following gigs:

Thursday November 13 - The Charlotte, Leicester
(Validators supporting Half Man Half Biscuit, we'll be on very early!)

Sunday November 16 - Lee Rosy's Tea Room, Nottingham
(With Phil Wilson, The Bobby McGees, Pocketbooks, Pete Green, Lardpony, Frankie Machine and more - starts 3pm)

Friday November 21 - The Perseverance, London
(Freedom Of Expression with Jeremy Ayre, Superman Revenge Squad and Cris Tanzi)

More details, as ever, at


MAN ALIVE but it's been a busy month. Since last we spoke I've done THIRTEEN gigs, including a LOVELY evening at Sam and Lisa's wedding, my first ever DJ SET, several Belle & Sebastian Songs in Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, a delightful Totally Acoustic with Vom Vorton, TWO sets at Fuzztival in Sheffield, a radio session, two performances of 'My Exciting Life In ROCK' and a gig in a CHURCH! Along the way I learnt that DJing is ABSOLUTELY PEASY, met Russell from Pulp AND John Peel's daughter, and had one of my OWN SONGS used against me in an argument by Radio's Steve Lamacq. It was HECTIC, but a whole LOT of fun.


Producer Pattison has been back at the controls this month, and has now finished the PRE-PENULTIMIXES for the next album. These are Listening Mixes which we're using to a) try out some ideas b) start thinking about running orders and c) work out what still needs to be done. The next step will hopefully be a couple of FUN DAYS, when we go in and mess around with keyboards, trumpets and backwards guitars. It will, as the name suggests, be FUN. Some of this may even occur next Tuesday, when we're all in the studio to record "House Of FUN" by Madness for possible inclusion on a compilation. It is, very much, ALL GO.


This month I shall be growing a MOUSTACHE for Movember, the Moustache Growing Event in aid of Cancer Charities. My CA$H will be going to Marie Curie, so if you'd like to donate please pop along to and if you'd like to take part yourself you can find FACTS at Any donations will go to a very good cause, and will also spur me on as I gradually turn into TOM SELLECK.

We're now pretty much BOOKED for The Leicester Comedy Festival, as successfully negotiated by The Tiger. We'll be trying him out on getting us into certain OTHER Leicester Festivals!

I've also been doing a few more Songs For Adverts, including a rather lovely Christmas song. None of them have been taken up yet, but it's all good fun, and if one ever DOES get on the telly I'll certainly let you know!

And that's about the lot for now - thanks for listening, and see you next month!



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