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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 78

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, August 31st 2011)

Hello everyone - we've got shows, albums, podcasts and all sorts to talk about this month, so let's get going shall we?

After the exertions of August I'm having the month off from gigging, but check for some exciting international exercusions to come!

We had our best Fringe EVER this year. Highlights included being compared to "two drunken dads at a party" by Radio One, guesting on a couple of Robin Ince shows, shooting the BREEZE with Chris T-T and Being 747, The Wonderful Window Of Wives, the Totally Acoustic nights, BEER, CURRY, regular visits to SNAX and (mostly) just hanging around at the Buffs Club.

It was SO much fun that I didn't get an awful lot of time for blogging, but I DID manage to do a few mini-blogs about if for What's On Stage, which you can read HERE:

The show itself was HUGELY enjoyable to do, not least because of all the lovely people who came to see us. Thanks very much if you came, especially in previews or at Camden, it was very much appreciated! Me and Steve are planning to do a few more shows over the next few months, so if you fancy booking us do please get in touch. All we need is a room with a table and about an hour to do it in!

We also did a couple of Totally Acoustics while we were up there - you can hear the highlights in a special podcast featuring Helen Arney, Chris T-T, Matt Tiller, The Plimptons, Paul Morricone and ME, HERE:

We'll be back for a new series of gigs in November at our new venue, The King And Queen. More details next time!

While all that was going on mixing sessions for the next album continued in Derby, and we're now ready for the final final mastering session on September 10th. The artwork is pretty much sorted out now too, and we're hoping to have the finished album available to buy at gigs in November and officially out before Christmas. It sounds AMAAAZING!

We had a Validators reunion at Indietracks this year, where I also managed to squeeze in a couple of sneaky gigs - a solo performance in the merchandising tent and then, along with Emma, guesting on 'It Only Works Because You're Here' with A Little Orchestra, which was MAGICAL. You can hear it HERE:

Also on soundcloud is a lengthy interview with ME for Getting Better Acquainted:

Meanwhile, starting tomorrow over on Dandelion Radio ( the Neil Jenkins show is going to featuring THREE of our songs, as he catches up after being off air for a couple of years. I wonder what he'll play?

And finally, I've got a brand new song, '2000AD Nan', available on a new compilation from Keep Pop Loud which also features The Winter Olympics, Glam Chops and loads more. Details HERE:

Be quick if you want one though, they're only making a hundred!

And that's about enough for this month - thanks for listening, and see you next time!



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