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Discography: Compilations

- Various
I Preferred Their Earlier Stuff
uk-indie 1998
- Various
Metropolit@N Audio Tape #1
Metropolit@N Audio 1998
- Various
Short Play #1
Short Play 1999
SRLP4 Various
Suction Prints
Sorted records 1999
SRCD9 Various
Havock Junction
Sorted records 2001
SREC011 / WIACD006 Various
50,000,000 Elves Fans Can't Be Wrong
WIACD009 Various
Sixty Minutes (our hour)
SR50 Various
Silver Rocket SR50
Silver Rocket 2004
- Various
Tasty Tracks Volume One
Tasty Fanzine 2005
AAS050 Various
Kung Fu Santa With A Christmas Punchbag
Artists Against Success 2005
- Various
The Creative Sessions Volume 1
Phoenix FM 2006
SRCD17 Various
Hollow Smoke
Sorted records 2006
yeehaw03 Various
They Wanna Make A T-Shirt Outta Yr Dreams
Cowboy Democracy Recordings 2007
- Various
Indietracks: an indiepop compilation
Make Do And Mend 2007
CHY014 Various
A Very Cherry Christmas (Volume 3)
Cherryade Records 2007
PAL002 Various
Covered At Christmas
PopArt 2007
SPCFZ06 Various
Thee Humbug #6
Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation 2008
FPOP050 Various
Be True To Your School
Fortuna Pop! 2008
SREC018 Various
That's How I Feel
Stereorrific Recordings 2008
Life Has It In For Us Volume 1
A Layer Of Chips 2009
HLPN0064 Various
Two Of The Beatles Have Died
Brainlove Records 2009
MEND003 Various
Indietracks Festival 2009 - an indiepop compilation
Make Do And Mend 2009
WIACD020 Various
Play Some Pool, Skip Some School, Act Real Cool
Stereorrific Recordings 2009
Cosy Den 5th Anniversary
Cosy Den 2009
The Land Of Nightmares
Maps Magazine 2009
Christmas Blues
Helen Llewelyn Product 19 2009
R2-15 Various
Un-Herd Volume 15
R2 2009
LST21 Various
Ukulele Mekulele Wekulele
Lost Sound Tapes 2010
Indietracks Indiepop Compilation 2010
Make Do And Mend 2010
Maurenbrecher fur alle
Popappeal (Broken Silence) 2010
No More of Your Fairy Stories
Precordial Catch Records 2010
Geek Like Me - songs from Geekpop 2011
Geek Pop 2011
KPL001 Various
Keep Pop Loud
Keep Pop Loud 2011
VR002 Various
No Sleep 'Til Torcross
Vollwert-Records 2012
KPL003 Various
Pop Kept Loud
Keep Pop Loud 2012
AAS071 Various
PBH Free Fringe Benefit Album
Artists Against Success 2013
- Various
It Only Works Because You're Hibbett
Show Yr In Love 2013
CHY 048 Various
A Very Cherry Christmas (Volume 9)
Cherryade Records 2013
DAMNABLY029 Various
After The Storm
Damnably Records 2013
- Various
Indietracks 2014
Make Do And Mend 2014
- Various
World International John Peel Day Refugee Action Compilation
Damnably Records 2015
- Various
Towersey Festival 2016
Towersey Festival 2016
Songs About Albums: Volume 2
The Album Wall 2016
- Various
Alan's Midweek Madhouse Presents​.​.​.​.​. Enormous Pop Vol 1
Alan's Midweek Madhouse 2017
- Various
Listen To The Bands
7a Records 2017
- Various
Indietracks 2017
Indietracks 2017
CHY052 Various
A Very Cherry Christmas (volume 13)
Cherryade Records 2018
VC14 Various
A Very Cherry Christmas (volume 14)
7a Records 2019
- Various
393 Alex Fans *Might* Be Wrong
House VS Home 2020
- MJ Hibbett
Isolation And Rejection Vol 4
Front And Follow 2020
- MJ Hibbett
A Blank Canvas Charity Album
Retro Computing Museum 2021
- Various
Tarotplane Kandy Korn: The Sorted Records Anthology, Vol. 1
Sorted records 2021
- Various
Cardboard Cutout Sundown: The Sorted Records Anthology, Vol. 2
Sorted records 2021
- Various
Orange Claw Hammer: The Sorted Records Anthology, Vol. 3
Sorted records 2021
AAS100 Various
All Goals Achieved
Artists Against Success 2023
- Various
20 Years of Joy: Vol. 1
Joyzine 2023

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