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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: A Taste Of Tea

Releases With Other Bands: A Taste Of Tea

This was a compilation of songs by local bands put out by Stevie Marmite of Leicester's legendary Marmite Sisters. It also featured Cornershop, Prolapse, Alan Jenkins and various others. It got in the Leicester Mercury, and Steve said he got some fan mail from Belgium (or equivalent) saying they'd liked "Found On The Moon", which was very exciting indeed.

SPOOKY FACT: Also on this tape are Prolapse, featuring Mr Tim Pattison. Not that spooky in itself, until you realise that ALSO also on this tape are The Almanacs... featuring FRANKIE MACHINE, a good four or more years before he met any of the Leicester Validators. It's like THE OMEN or something!

Cheapday returns - The Marmite Sisters
Found On The Moon - Voon
Heat Sink - The Keatons
Nai Zindagi Nyai Jeevan - Cornershop
Makes No Difference - Alamanacs
Kitch And Sync - Cavalier Approach
Indie Pop Song - The Minogues
Unknown - Alan Jenkins
Perfectly Well Received - NBOs
Rain - The Marmite Sisters
Another Cup Of Tea Vicar? - General Havoc
We Take Access - Cavalier Approach
My Dead Dog - The Minogues
They Slept In Darkness - Prolapse
Orlrite Now - Suburban Sheds
The Perfect Love Song - Voon

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