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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: The Creative Sessions Volume 1

Compilations: The Creative Sessions Volume 1

This is a fundraising CD put out by Phoenix FM to raise money to help it keep operating. All the tracks were recorded over three MAMMOTH sessions in January 2006, when they booked whole weekends in Creative Studio in Essex and had bands coming in to record for an hour each. It seemed like a MAD SCHEME to me at the time, but it seemed to go bizarrely well. I recorded four songs, I think, during my session, and pretty much guessed they'd choose the song they did because the two guys from the station appear on it singing backing vocals! Aha! This is quite different to the version on This Is Not A Library. For one thing it's got more than one chord! It's similar to how the song was originally written, before I played it to the band and we went all DRONEY on it, and I think it turned out quite well.

Tears Of The Sun - Doll Set Tones
Hotel By The Sea - Jacksonswarehouse
Rhythm - Dirty Fairies
Always Sometimes Never - Cable Street Spy Club
A Plague On Both Your Houses - Chris T-T
Gods - Celeste
Animal - The Knock
Smoke In The Air - Neat
Smokin Baby Joe - Chauffeur Driven Aviator
Stella For A Pound - Loverock Road
Beaches - Bird Lane
Thank You - Crosstown Traffic
The Symbol Of Our Nation - MJ Hibbett
Buy One Get One Free - Deferred Sucess
Armageddon - Harry Shuttleworth
Phlegmatic - Caleb
Count To Ten - The Sam I Am
Jonesy - Whoremoan
I Fall In Love Every Day - The Release
Frank Bough - Dappa
Scared Of Nothing - Inversion

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