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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Happy Town

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I left Finnegan's Wake after a while as, to be honest, some of them were fairly unpleasant people. They got a new bass player in and played a few gigs, then booked themselves into a studio to record a new tape. They'd got a St Patrick's Day gig a week or so afterwards, so they were well placed to sell quite a few copies... until the new bass player left and they had to come round and ask me to rejoin. It was GRATE!

Magnanimously I agreed to go back, on the condition that we'd do only that gig, and that's what happened. This recording was a lot more fun for me as I'd by now had a bit more experience in bands and knew what I was doing. I knew more than them anyway, I had to explain to them at some length that we didn't have to do the songs in the order they'd be on the cassette, nor did we have to leave gaps between each song. Jon, bless him, got quite confused about overdubs too - I told him to do a count in before each song, so we'd be able to re-do stuff if necessary, so he mouthed it at me through the screen. "You need to do it out loud Jon, so we can hear it!" I said, and it took quite a while to reassure him that we could take it off later on.

The tape came out with perhaps too much bass on it this time... anyway, we did the gig and had a lot of fun, but I never did go and play with them again.

Brown-Eyed Girl
With Friends Like These
Wake Up
Oh Give Over!
The Other One
Wish I Was

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