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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Havock Junction

Compilations: Havock Junction

Another Sorted compilation album, this time featuring almost all of the bands featured on the label, in Dave's attempt to get people interested in the back catalogue. Originally, ages ago in fact, i was going to give him Mr Right for this, but then we did the AAS compilation and needed a nice short song with the whole band on, and so there it went. More recently, when this looked like happening at last, i offered him anything left over from the Say It With Words sessions, but amazingly (or perhaps not - he had heard them after all) he didn't really fancy the idea. THUS i went home and pissed about on my 4 track, and found a RIFF. Looking for some words, i recalled THESE, which i had liked even tho the original tune was a bit rubbish, and then PRESTO CHANGEO it was done! A couple of days later i convened with Mr Reverb and recorded it all in one go - the drums are my tiny little casio while both guitars and the "bass" are my old acoustic. And that was it - PEASY! This is one of my favourite songs EVER!

Murdered By Killers #1 - Prolapse
The Sky Begins At Your Feet - Discordia
Gwen - The Chemistry Experiment
Slow Fat Pudding Explodes Naked - Thurston Lava Tube
Teenage Frankenstein - Kittiwakes
In Self Noone Can Hear You Scream - The Freed Unit
4st - The Blue Smarties
Marie 1 - John Sims
Level Crossings - Fish From Tahiti
I Was Married To A Flyheaded Girl - Dalmatian Rex & The Eigentones
Denial, Acceptance & Recovery On Sizewell Beach - 22 Metre Band
Not So Slow - Lazarus Clamp
Leave My Brother Alone - MJ Hibbett
Scream & Cry - Lid
14th Of December 1998 - Static Waves
Somehows Somewhere - Kevin Hewick
Pilchards Of Death - Voon
Dunblane Hydro - Prolapse

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