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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Keep Pop Loud

Compilations: Keep Pop Loud

Limited edition (100 copies) first release.

I Miss The Nineties - The Winter Olympics
Atlas - BLESSA
2000AD Nan MJ Hibbett
Gasoline - The Half Rabbits
Every Holiday Is A Disaster - Bordeauxxx
Monkey See Badger Do - Screaming Maldini
Beauty US - Dogs Die In Hot Cars
Man On A Boat - Pocket Satellite
Everything Ever - Kidnapper Bell
Surf Bitches - Best Friends
Icon On A Motorbike - Pris
Bare Teeth - Among Brothers
Something Colin Wore - Twenty Three Persons
A Millionairess In A Ruby Ring - H Bird
Tarzan's Glam Rock Adventure - Glam Chops (featuring The Panther Girls & The Glitter Twins)
Ric Rawlins, Artrocker:
There are at least a dozen potential Single Of The Months scattered about this compilation from Sheffield DIY label Keep Pop Loud, but there's one that sticks out like cheap tinsel: the almighty return of Glam Chops.
Their contribution, 'Tarzan's Glam Rock Adventure', is a seven-minute epic which follows Tarzan as he gets taught the fine art of Glam by forest-dwelling monkeys, then divorces Jane and sails downstream in search of the mysterious tribe of the Panther Girls. Or something. Either way, it contains ridiculous guitar solos, tin-can drums and a ten second intermission of 'Lonely This Christmas' - which should be enough to recommend it.
Glam Chops are in good company too: MJ Hibbett sings warmly about how hi Nan used to buy him 2000AD on the charming indie-pop number '2000AD Nan' while Bordeuxxx offer up what might become the feelgood hit of the winter with 'Every Holiday Is A Disaster', which sounds like Los Campesinos discovering the mystical missing chord.
More brilliance comes from H Bird (think Saint Etienne with cheaper keyboards) and Pris, who offer a deliciously twisted take on 1950s girl gang pop with 'Icon On A Motorbike'

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