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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Parks and Gardens Department

Releases With Other Bands: Parks and Gardens Department

Everybody we knew was recording stuff in studios by this time, so we thought we should do the same. Also it would have been pretty much impossible to get Tim and his drum kit up into my attic.

We did these tracks in Bedrock studio in Leicester, and although we had quite good fun doing it (especially the keyboards on "Your Girlfriend's Friend") it still sounds a bit ... well, constipated really. We were trying far to hard to be a Normal Band and so got rid of anything that was funny or different about us. "Mind The Death (Gigant Suspensions)" however is still pretty good - we made it up in the studio, and Neil does an hilarious rant throughout whilst Tim and I chant various things. It ends with Tim saying "Gigant Suspensions", which he had got to whilst reading out the phone book. The company Gigant Suspensions owns a large building next to the railway line at Market Harborough which I pass whenever I go towards Leicester on the train, and it always reminds me of this little bit of fun in an otherwise slightly dour selection of songs.

Dirty Old Man
Cheap And Nasty
Your Girlfriend's Friend
Mind The Death (Gigant Suspensions)

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