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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Tarotplane Kandy Korn: The Sorted Records Anthology, Vol. 1

Compilations: Tarotplane Kandy Korn: The Sorted Records Anthology, Vol. 1

First in a series (apparently) scooping up the best of Sorted Records!

You can get it online here:

So Easy - Circa 1983
With an M - Super Eight
Louise - Kooky Monster
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning - Performance
Marina Discordia - Discordia
I Wish I Was John Peel's Son - Jeremy
Who Built the Yard ? - Holly Hobby
Scientistrock - John Sims
Atrocity - The Freed Unit
Clocktower Lights - Airport Girl
Misery - Abandoned
And Now... - Don's Mobile Barbers
Last Notes on a Late Story - The Fabians
Delerec - The Static Waves
Pilchards of Death - Voon
1996 - The Non-Writters
Lucy - The Kittiwakes
Epiphany for Filter and Map - Lazarus Clamp
Mind The Death Mind the Death - The Council
Subside - Jamie Says

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