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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Tasty Tracks Volume One

Compilations: Tasty Tracks Volume One

A free CD released by Tasty Fanzine for no other reason than because they could, as far as I could gather. This one seemed to take a long old while to get released, as I remember it, and by the time it did come out I'd forgotten all about it!

Inner Space 1971 - Melodie Group
I'm in Love With Noxious Gas - Lardpony
Untitled - Kelman
Dance for Me - Lionshare
Hibbett's Golden Rules Of Beer - MJ Hibbett
Willow's Song - The Liberty Ship
Oh No Caroline - Nutronstars
Unmarked Grave - David Thomas Broughton
Circa 85 - Deerpark
Perfection - Slipslide
Red Hot Tugboat - Ral Partha Vogelbacher
Time Machine - The Windmills
Hyde Park - Farming Incident
The Suffering of Pepe O'Malley - Justin Rutlidge
Misadventure in Radiology - Andrew Morgan
Live in Hope - Silver Ray

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