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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: The Land Of Nightmares

Compilations: The Land Of Nightmares

Special free HALLOWEEN download album from < Maps Magazine (available to download here, featuring a new version of Rather Spooky as written by Mr Robin Hare and previously performed by BOTH The Masters Of Nothing AND Voon.

Atmosphere (instrumental) - Stuart Newman
Itty Bitty Spiders - The Helmholtz Resonators
Zombie Town - I Am Austin
Blithe Spirit - Piney Gir
Rather Spooky - MJ Hibbett
Ghost Train - Fonda 500
Phantom Don't Go - Jookabox
Traitor's Tale - The Peryls
Skeletons - Ten City Nation
Hurdy Gurdy Guy - The Fades
Long Way Down - Vienna Ditto
Rock and Roll - The Bridport Dagger
Hell - Note To Self: Don't Die!

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