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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Towersey Festival 2016

Compilations: Towersey Festival 2016

A selection of singles, album tracks, new, rare and exclusive recordings by just a few of the artists set to appear at Towersey Festival 2016.

Fly - Luke Concannon
The Streets of Lahore - The Young'uns
The Old Man From Over The Sea - Lynched
Til Next Market Day - Damien O'Kane
Dolerite Skies - Nancy Kerr and James Fagan
Heimat - India Electric Co
Last Night in Dakar - Nizlopi
Emperor’s New Clothes - Rory McLeod
Upward Spiral / Brink - The Urban Folk Quartet
Roy Bailey – Welcome (Live at Towersey Festival 2015)
Oil And Water - Tilston and Lowe
Down To The Valley - Rusty Shackle
Been Loved Too Much - Ma Polaine's Great Decline
In Another Lifetime - Gavin Osborn
Ainya's - Elephant Sessions
20 Things To Do Before You're 30 - MJ Hibbett & The Validators
The Hogmanay - Tickled Pink
Emma's Reel / Nothing To Declare - Conservatoire Folk Ensemble

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