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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Welcome To Heaven

Releases With Other Bands: Welcome To Heaven

For Chris's second solo tape we did quite a few of the same songs in more groovy arrangements, although "Who Cares?" is exactly the same version as the last time around as we couldn't get it to sound good in a band set-up. As before I played bass (on everything apart from Long In The Tooth, Who Cares? and Selfish Love Song) and it was all done in the attic at Brazil Street. This one was good fun to do, and the artwork on the cover's lovely!

Welcome To Heaven
Here Comes Love
Long In The Tooth
Who Cares?
Selfish Love Song
Turn Over
Turn Me On Deadman
Gone To Pieces
Keeping The Faith
You've Got A Problem
Tied Up
Everybody Does

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