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Songs: A Little Bit More

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You thought that you could beat us because you were so immense
With no fear of tiny dinosaurs and even smaller men
Each one of you thought on your own you could take all of us on
I think it's fair to say that you've been proved completely wrong

We all do a little bit - a little bit of good
And when we're all together then those little bits add up
Let's shout "Hooray" because today we've well and truly proved
That a lot of little bits together make up something huge

So if you do a little bit don't be belittled by
Those who do a lot of nothing that's in any way worthwhile
Let's all get on with our little bits and let's take a little pride
Knowing we are all a little bit of the future of man...
And Dinosaur!
... and Dinosaur-kind!

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

The REPRISE of A Little Bit More, every time I sing this one I get TERRIBLY EXCITED and ready to STORM THE BARRICADES of Poor Quality Research!

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