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Songs: Down The Narborough Road

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I had a flat on Mere Road
It never really felt like home
I left my heart cross town in the West End
Bury me there when I'm gone
On a thoroughfare to the M1
A row of shops that feels more like a friend

Where I want to go is down the Narborough Road
Carry me on home To the Narborough Road

Sonpal's, Spot-Cash, Secondhand Star
The Library and the Dolphin Fish Bar
The paper shop opposite the launderette
Mac'n'Tuck for veggie burgers
The bank machine that gave out fivers
The twenty four hour garage for your
Late-night post-pub jazz cigarettes

It's where I want to go, down the Narborough Road
Carry me on home to the Narborough Road

The Western and the Pump & Tap
Luigi's and the old Mousetrap
The telephones beneath the railway bridge
Eastleigh Road and Paton Street
Kirby Road and Walton Street
Surely this is where I learnt to live?

It's down the Narborough Road where I long to go
Carry me on home to the Narborough Road

Narborough Road, please

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Somehow I've lost my original NOTES for this, but basically - Narborough Road is (or, at least, used to be) the main area where students at Leicester Polytechnic used to live, in a succession of terraced houses in streets off this shopping thoroughfare. Apart from the my three months in the city, and a year during which I shared a flat with Mr S Wilkinson in Highfields, I lived near the Narborough Road for my entire 14 years in Leicester. It's LOVELY!

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