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Songs: Here Come The Dinosaurs

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Here come the dinosaurs - run for the hills!
They're here to stamp and claw and bite
God help us if there's a fight
We'll get killed
Here come the dinosaurs to eviscerate
They take delight in genocide
With hatred in their eyes
But they look don't half look great

But don't you think it's wrong to be stood singing a song
When a herd of hungry carnivores are near?
Yes, but their murderous machines are so marvellously sleek
They're so fabulous, so functional, and here

Here are the dinosaurs, looks like we're doomed
Oh but I am still in awe
Of their oh so stylish claws
As they slice me in two
Here are the dinosaurs - I've no regrets
The blood is pouring out of me
But they still look chic
As they eat my legs

And you might think that she's a fool for having "Dinosaurs are cool!"
As the second to last thing to go through her mind
But the last thing was a tooth which you must admit it's true
Is a pretty bloody awesome way to die

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

On January 17 2009 I sat down to have a good old THINK about songs for Dinosaur Planet and try to WRITE some. I had several ideas and titles but none of them were really GRABBING me so I decided to write THIS one instead. I knew there had to be a song about people getting CAUGHT by dinosaurs because they'd been LOOKING at them, but the one i'd started was a bit rubbish - I kept the only bit I liked, about the second to last thing that goes through your mind, but the rest SPRANG out all fresh and new.

Reading the lyrics it might seem ODD that it talks about Dinosaurs having GUNS, but don't worry, when it's in the SHOW the whole thing will sound like the most reasonable idea in the WORLD!

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