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Songs: I Wish That I Was Normal

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I wish that I was normal
I wish I wasn't weird
I wish I could take all the things
That make me different
And put them in the bin
I wish that I was normal
And not myself
I wish that I could be
Like everybody else

I'm going to be normal
I'm going to get a plan
I'll forget all of my daft ideas
And think about careers
And my exams
I'm going to be normal
And find my place in the world
Where I can talk about the weather
And even better
Talk to girls

Why worry about politics
When you can make a joke
Who needs a bunch of daydreams
When there's cigarettes to smoke
I will get a pair of Chinos
I'll turn my computer off
I'm gonna listen to the charts on Sundays
And on Saturday have a job

This is me now I am normal
Say goodbye to being weird
I have taken all the stupid things
That made me different
And shoved them in the bin
Say hooray cos I am normal
I have stopped being myself
I am going to be
Like everybody else
I am going to be
Like everybody else

First reprise:

We are going to be normal
And support the team that wins
We're never gonna cause a fuss
Because the both of us
Are gonna fit right in

We are going to be normal
We are gonna be the same
We're watching Coronation Street
And we'll read
The Daily Mail

It's so easy to be normal
Just do what people expect
If you never go against the grain
No-one can get upset

I'm so happy being normal
Only doing what's allowed
It's so lovely swimming with the tide
When you're part of the crowd

Look at you and me we're normal
We're so average you can tell
That we are entirely
Like everybody else
We are entirely
Like everybody else

Final reprise:

The only thing that's normal
Is that everybody's weird
Everybody's messed up, kept up
Late at night
By their own set of fears
Every one of us is different
Just like everybody else
And the only way to be
Is to accept yourself
Yeah, the only way for me to be
Is to accept myself

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This is a theme which I've tried to EXPRESS a few times in the past but never quite got right. Luckily I have four different attempts in the show to do it, so hopefully one of them works! I really like the middle section (which features as near as I'll ever get to JAZZ CHORDS) and I love the final version which a) was written when I was a bit LOW so means quite a bit to me personally and b) is the official Emotional Core of the whole show. Thank goodness there's a GAG straight after it!

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