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Songs: Like We All Are

notes / gigs / releases

As a youth I used to do gigs and wonder
Will this one be the big one, the one where
I am noticed by the benign eye
Of an industry insider?

But A&R men never came by and this
Made me think I couldn't really exist
Will I ever be discovered, I cried out
Like some sort of pillock

But like America
I was already there
You can't discover something that's been known by its indigenous people
(for so many years)

So I thought, all right, I'll do it myself
I'll write a whole batch of songs that I think will sell
To an audience identified by reading the print media
But re-invention's harder than it looks

The vital factor unidentified in the guide books
Is that the corset's not been made that will
Cover up this sort of beer belly

Because like the Charge Coupled Device

I was invented one night in 1969
And though there may be amendments I will never differ far from my patent
(no re-application required)

And then one day I thought bugger this
If no-one else is interested
Why keep on trying?
Why not just do what i like?

And so that is exactly what I did
And immediately every gig
Became less like an application process
And more like an adventure
It was less like an application process
And more like an adventure

It's like when they regrade your job
And you have to reapply, it's not
Like they can give it to somebody else
Because then what would you do? (assuming you

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This one staggered out a bit, starting off based on the guitar riff, VEERING into an extending ending and then sort of finding itself. I seem to be going more and more for knock-kneed lumpy non-rhyming as February Album Writing Month goes on, which is a bit different for me but something I'm quite liking!

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