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Songs: On And On And On

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Woke up this morning needing to break wind
But, thinking you were next to me, i tried to keep it in
Then I realised that you weren't there so reluctantly gave forth
It was the saddest tune that i have ever wrought

Just then The Carpenters took up residence in my head
And started playing "Close to you" there in my lonely bed
I thought "This has got to be the greatest song ever written, so realistic and true"
And that's the saddest thing i have ever thought.

I would go through hell,
Or even Bill Joel,
For the sake of you

Go and get my friends and tell them
They're going to have to emigrate to Belgium
To avoid me going on and on and on about you.

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This was written on the morning of Sunday 22nd July 2001, and is completely TRUE. It is a list of things i thought that morning, after which i skipped about the house being a bit twee. I make no apologies for this, i was HAPPY and full of LOVE, and still am! YEAH!

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