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Songs: Open Top Bus Tour

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I'm in a new city, got no idea
Where all the galleries and the museums are here
So when I leave the hotel or my B&B
The very first stop on my itinerary is the

Open Top Bus Tour
Open Top Bus Tour
In any major city you're never alone
With a real live guide on the microphone on the
Open Top Bus Tour

You'll get your bearings and you'll get told
what happened round here in the days of old
You'll get hints and tips on what to see and do
Check the timetable there's a place for you on the

Open Top Bus Tour
Open Top Bus Tour
Passengers from every nation
Alighting at convenient city centre locations
Open Top Bus Tour

Hopping off, hopping on
Hang on to your ticket it lasts all day long
Up the front under the canopy
Especially when it rains you will find me on the

Open Top Bus Tour
Open Top Bus Tour
New York Paris Munich London
Everybody talk about the bus that's open
Open Top Bus Tour
Open Top Bus Tour
Every woman every man
Join the bus, not the caravan
Of love
The Open Top Bus of love!

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

I bloody LOVE Open Top Bus Tours - as the song says, whenever I go to a new city I ALWAYS try to get on an Open Top Bus Tour, as it allows you to get your bearings, tells you where stuff IS, and lets you know what you should go and SEE afterwards.

This song was written as a reaction to The Validators POINT BLANK REFUSAL to EVER go on an Open Top Bus Tour with me! It was included on the "Cyber Kazoo" set of demoes which I have them in September 2013, but for some reason - probably GUILT - none of them particularly picked up on it, so when Mr G Gargan was looking for songs for his DEC appeal compilation this seemed like a good candidate.

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