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Songs: Operation Ignore It And Hope It Goes Away

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If a spacecraft crashed on Debden
There'd be an increase in time
For journeys on the Central Line
BUt we will say that it was Passenger Action
So apart from some fuss
About the rail replacement bus
Everything should carry on as normal
Much to the confusion of the spacecraft's crew

If people rang into the radio station
Who'd heard a strange unearthly noise
On the approach to Theydon Bois
Our experts will them it was just thunder
And that the bright lights in the sky
Were merely normal meteorites

And they will laugh and say "Well that's all all right then"
As alien warriors marched into Buckhurst Hill

And if they set up some machine for processing the populace
People will smile and say "Bloody students!"
And when the nuclear attacks begin to rain down on the West End
Everyone will say "Oh look, the Northern Lights!"

Everything's all right
Everything's all right

And as the refugees and wounded walk Northwards
It'll be the last thing on the news
No-one will email in their views
And the police who go to marshal fleeing millions
Give the official crowd size
As between four thousand and five

People will laugh and say "Typical London!"
As the mothership descends and then destroys Derby

And if they end up starting Pain Cyclones to wipe out human lifeforms
People coming home from pubs will put up umbrellas
And if the Psychic Witches start to chant their Mantras of Destruction
People will tut, and close their eyes, switch off the light

Everything's all right
Everything's all right

And almost no-one will believe it
And those that will are mad
Write angry letters to the papers
Demanding rebates in their Council Tax

Disappointed, disillusioned
With their plans to kill the globe
Too upset to carry on now
Two days later the invasion force goes home

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This is pretty much the same as Nobody Believed It (from All Around My House. From the start of thinking about Dinosaur Planet I'd wanted to use this song, but the more I thought about it the more I realised it would derail the whole thing - it stops being very THRILLING if you say "If there's an Alien Invasion don't worry, they'll just get fed up and go home." It's not quite as OFF-PUTTING as "Don't worry, if there's an Alien Invasion they'll all catch a cold and die", but nearly. And who'd ever want to see a film like THAT eh?

Anyway, the words have been VERY slightly re-jigged so that now they're a CASE STUDY of what The Establishment WOULD do if there WAS an invasion, and so fits in to the NARRATIVE ARC (Writing Talk) very nicely. And thus saved me from needing to write an extra song, PHEW!

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