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Songs: This Is A Song

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This is a song and these are the words. This is the start of the first verse. We're not looking good and we've nothing to say, but while we're here we'll say it anyway.
This is the chorus, this is a song. This is the chorus so singalong. Feel free to ignore us, we won't be here long, but this is a chorus and this is a song.
This was a song and these were the words, this is the start of the last verse. We didn't look good, we had nothing to say, but while we were here we said it anyway.
This is the chorus, that was a song. That was a chorus, did you singalong? Or did you ignore us, when we did it wrong? That was a chorus, and that was a song.

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This was a lot of fun to record, as I got to play with my Exciting New Delay Pedal all the way through. It's partly me trying to do Space Rock, as it's all the rage with The Kids, and partly wondering why anybody would want to do so. Funnily enough, all the people i knew who liked that sort of thing and who, basically, I was having a go at in the lyrics, said this was their favourite song on the tape!

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