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Songs: Wonderful Wednesday

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On wednesdays I work from home
I get so much more done on my own
Like my laundry
And cooking the tea

I back my files up each month
And have a fry up for my lunch
On a Wednesday

Work emails, click refresh
Once an hour, just to check
Prove I'm striving
By replying

I'll do some ironing after that
At three o'clock I'll have a bath
On a Wednesday
Wonderful Wednesday

When I was young I used to wonder
How do people manage their work load?
How do they ensure that there is just enough to do all day
And not too much to stop them going home

Now I know

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

For the past couple of years I've been working from home on a Wednesday. It's such a brilliant thing to do that, in my house, it is known as 'Wonderful Wednesday'. The first chance I had to do any FAWMing was a Wonderful Wednesday and while thinking about just HOW wonderful it all is this song emerged.

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